Next Porn Game Project

I don't want to give away much info right now, as I barely have anything to show anyway.
All I wanna tell is that I've started planning for it months before the release of BfEqD, and the planning will be very necessary as the game will be much more complex.
It's going to play a bit like 2d zeldas and will be very focused on puzzles.
It won't be MLP related.
Nor Gumball related I'm afraid
Not telling in what fanbase it's based on, but it's not really hard to imagine. It's feral furry.
Also, /THEORICALLY/ it won't take as long to finish, as this time some people will help me. If everything goes well, I'll do only the planning/directing and the graphics.
And so far things have been going smoothly. I'll post anything related to this project here.
The three of you that actually check this page don't need to bother checking often though, it will be a slow process.